Let's get to know each other:
My name is Emmelie and I was born 1995 in northern Sweden. Is long as I can remember I have always expressed myself visually, wether that would be through painting, clay, photo or drawing. Ever since I studied at Art school I knew I had to work with something creative. Today I live in Stockholm and study my first year in Graphic Design & Advertising at Forsbergs.

I love spending my free time buying plants and skincare. Playing all kinds of super Mario Games. Having dinner and talk for hours with my family and friends. Walk through the city while looking at old buildings. Decorate my home over and over again and just lie in bed a whole Sunday watching old movies.
Let's talk:
I'm looking for an internship in May 2021. I'm passionate about design, art directing, branding och to learn more about creative communication and design solutions.

I'm always open for new opportunities. Feel free to contact me or get to know me better over a cyber-coffee! 

076 844 32 37